Xevenue Terms & Conditions

This is an agreement between the service operator, Xevenue and you. By making use of any services provided through the Xevenue website (https://www.xevenue.com/), you agree and accept the terms and conditions in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreement. Since this is a legally binding contract, kindly read through carefully before using the Services provided on this website. By signing up, access, or making use of Xevenue, you agree to the terms and conditions provided in this User Agreement.

For more information or queries concerning this agreement, do not hesitate to contact Xevenue’s customer support team at https://xevenue.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Agreement Conditions

Xevenue maintains the right to make changes or modify any part of these terms and conditions when necessary. Xevenue will inform its users of any new changes by providing an update in the announcement section at https://xevenue.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and the [Last Revised] date will be changed on this page. Upon announcement of the changes or modifications of the Terms of Use, it takes effect instantly. Thus, your continuous use of the services provided by Xevenue assumes your acceptance of the new rules and agreement.

Prohibition of Use

By gaining access to and making use of Xevenue as well as any services it renders, you accept and declare that no economic sanctions lists like the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasure Department or the UN Security Council Sanctions list has your name included. Xevenue reserves the right to choose its jurisdictions and markets to run and may deny or limit its services to specific countries. The details in this Agreement shall not be exempted from the user’s country laws. Xevenue withholds its position that prohibited users are not permitted to access or use Xevenue or the services provided on this website.


Signing up to use a Xevenue account implies that you have attested that you are 18 years old. You and your guardians have to undertake any consequences as a result of your actions and Xevenue reserves the right to cancel your account.

Description of Services

Xevenue is a crypto to crypto platform where online digital asset are traded, particularly for products generally regarded as cryptographic tokens, cryptographic currency, or digital tokens. There are no fiat trading capabilities on Xevenue and thus, is not liable to the rigorous regulations accompanying it. Xevenue does not operate like a market marker. It is mandatory that traders register and get an account opened with Xevenue and ensure digital assets are deposited before trading commences. Traders are allowed to withdraw their digital assets via requests.

Xevenue endeavors to keep us accuracy of information provided on its website, but there is no guarantee of appropriateness, completeness, accuracy, performance, reliability or fitness for purpose of the posted contents on its website and will not be responsible for any damage or loss that may occur directly or indirectly from the provided content. The information provided on the website of Xevenue is liable to changes without notice and is offered for the major purpose of encouraging users to reach a final decision. There are no advisory advices or investment advices provided by Xevenue and will not be responsible for the interpretation or use of information as presented on its website or other mediums of communication. Every Xevenue user must know that risks are involved in trading. Thus, Xevenue urges every user to demonstrate a high level of prudence and trade sensibly within their capability.

Xevenue lays emphasis on platform security for the continuity and security of the services provided (a notice will be given whenever maintenance or downtime occurs), it will not be accountable to terrorist attacks, malicious targeted hacking, Act of God, and relative unexpected situations. Xevenue maintains the right to rollback, blocks, or cancel any type of transactions on its platform whenever there is an abnormal transaction. Xevenue will not request for users’ password nor request users to make fund transfers that are not provided on its trading platform. Users are urged to remain prudent in dealing with promotions or discounts that could get them scammed. Xevenuex will not be responsible for any losses you incur from the circumstances presented above.

Xevenue Account Registration and Requirements


Account Usage Requirements

Only the individual who registered Xevenue accounts can use the account. Xevenue maintains the rights to freeze, cancel, or suspend accounts used by multiple persons other than the individual who has their names registered under the account.

User Identity Verification

Upon completion of registration of Xevenue Account, you agree to provide personal information required for identity verification purposes. The purpose of this information is particularly for identification of fraud, terrorist financing, money laundering, and related financial crimes on the Xevenue platform.


Xevenue takes the security of user funds as top priority and carried out industry standard security for Xevenue platform. Besides this, there are numerous risks caused by user actions. It is important that you know how to take precautions for the protection of your personal information and your account.

You shall take sole responsibility of safeguarding your Xevenue account and password, and you shall be solely responsible for every activity that goes on in your email, Xevenue account, including information posting, information posting, consent to or submission of different agreements and rules by clicking the website, agreement renewal, and more.

Xevenue will not be liable for any consequences or loss resulting from your negligence.

Rules to Use Xevenue Services

You hereby consent to observe these covenants when using Xevenue services:

  • 1.Every activity that you perform when using the Xevenue Service shall be in conformity to the prerequisites of appropriate regulations, laws, and the different Xevenue guidelines,

  • 2.Will avoid violating public ethics, public interests, or the legitimate interests of others.

  • 3.Will prevent constituting any avoidance of payable fees or taxes and will never breach the relevant rules or agreement.

If the foregoing promises are violated and thus, leads to any legal consequence, you shall solely have all the legal liabilities undertaken in your name and have Xevenue indemnified from all claims, costs, or actions that arise from such breach. You shall not make use of any information or data provided on the website for commercial purposes without providing a prior written consent to Xevenue. You will operate and use the website in conformity to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, while avoiding any acts of neither unfair competition nor trying to interfere with the regular Xevenue operations. These include, but not limited to: 

  • 1.the use of a software, subroutine, or a device to meddle with the website

  • 2.over-burdening network equipment with unreasonable type of data loading requests

By gaining access to Services offered by Xevenue, you consent that Xevenue shall be given the right to independently ascertain whether you breached any of the covenants provided above and takes actions to use applicable rules without getting your consent or providing prior notice to you. These include, but not limited to:

  • 1.getting your account frozen

  • 2.disable and close order requests

In the event that a third party losses because of your violation, you will exclusively undertake the entire liabilities in your very own name and Xevenue will remain harmless from the loss, additional expenses, or fine. If, because of any alleged violation, Xevenue is responsible for any losses, is claimed by a third party for remuneration or experiences any punishment any administrative authorities imposes, you will reimburse Xevenue against any expense and losses caused in this manner, including any accompanied attorney fee.

Service Fees

Xevenue maintains the rights to mandate service fees on users using its services. Xevenue also has the discretion to make changes to the service fees.

Xevenue shall, in no event, take responsibility for any delay or failure of service that results from expected network maintenance or other factors like natural disaster, power failure, governmental acts, or provider-side problems.


Please be informed that all news, official announcements, will be provided in the announcement section at https://xevenue.zendesk.com/hc/en-us in which we encourage every user to check frequently. Xevenue will not be responsible or liable for any type of compensation, in the event that users incur personal losses that emerge from carelessness or ignorance of the announcements.

Agreement Termination

You consent that we maintain the right to instantly get your account suspended (and any accounts gainfully possessed by related affiliates or entities), lock or freeze the funds in every single accounts like these, and get your access to Xevenue suspended in the event that any accounts like these is suspected to violate the AML/CTF, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or related applicable regulations and laws. Xevenue will be privileged to keep and utilize the transaction data and related information to such accounts.

Remaining balance after termination of account (normal)

The moment the account is withdrawn or closed, the remaining balance (including the liabilities owed and charges to Xevenue) on the account has to be payable at a time to Xevenue. After payment of the entire outstanding charges to Xevenue (if there is any), the user has five (10) working days to get all the funds withdrawn from the account.

Remaining balance after termination of account (violation of terms/AML/fraud)

Xevenue has full custody of user information or data and funds which may be swung over to the authorities in the event that account closure or suspension emerges from fraud investigations, violation of Xevenue Terms, or AML investigations.

Conformity to local laws

Users must abide by the local laws relative to the legal use of Xevenue in their local ward. Users have to also factor, to the degree of their local law, every aspect of taxation, collection, withholding, remittance, and reporting to their appropriate tax authorities. Every Xevenue user and any of its services declare and accept that their funding source originate from a genuine way and are not gotten from unlawful activities. Xevenue reserves the stance of cooperation with the law enforcement authorities internationally and will not delay to freeze, seize, and terminate the account and users’ fund which are flagged out.


If you have feedbacks, questions, or complaints, do not hesitate to contact https://xevenue.zendesk.com/hc/en-us  and we will do everything we can to resolve your requests.