New Listing Application.

Terms & Conditions for applying to Xevenue

You will need to provide notice for the following:

  • At least 7 days notice of any updates or maintenance required eg. technical problems, significant code or protocol changes.

  • Any issues which will affect deposits or withdrawals of your coin / token from Xevenue.

  • Any issues with your coin, including network functionality problems, as soon as you become aware of them.

  • For any listings & updates to Bitcoin fork coins we require it to be published on an official GitHub repository.


Delisting mechanism

Xevenue has right to delist. The project will be delisted if:

  • Lack of team’s commitment toward project.

  • Team fails to keep the network / smart contract stable.

  • Lack of public communication and activity.

  • Evidence of unethical conduct (e.g. Participation of team in Pyramid Marketing, Fraud, Money Laundering).

  • Project fails to achieve trading volume of at least 2 BTC on weekly basis.